A Sunday Kind Of Love

1. A Sunday Kind of Love

A short chilled out session with the guys from Mayhem Troopers, who cycled by UiTm and chilled out in our studio. thanks Alot to Abg Din and Adik for dropping by. This clip also has Abg Din's bike check, along with his Leader 725TR. A long overdued video. Here's for you guys for coming down to see us ; ) Song by : Etta James, "A Sunday Kind of Love" http://quixofixed.wordpress.com/

2. findingberlin.com // a sunday kind of love

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  • By DT64

A little film about an Indian Summer Sunday in Berlin Prenzaluer Berg. The video was shot with a Canon 550d and a Canon 24-70mm. There was no Color Correction made. The sound of the live band is straight out of the box without any external mics. The Song of the second half is a live version of Joss Stone´s Super Duper Love.

3. A Sunday Kind of Love with Avid Dancer

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Find more about A Sunday Kind of Love here: http://www.hitcityusa.com/events/a-sunday-kind-of-love/ Video shot and edited by Andrew Sales

4. A Sunday Kind of Love - Aurora Scott

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  • By Daniel Pender

Aurora Scott performs A Sunday Kind of Love. A live music video from The Seen. And Arts and Entertainment show in Victoria BC.

5. A SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE presented by BLBC

video brought to you by THE MEDIAXPERIENCE FILM HOUSE Camera #1 Ryan Robinson Editor: Ryan Robinson

6. A Sunday Kind of Love Trailer

7. Sunday Kind of love

Building and working on the 1970 CL350 Honda. Enjoy. Filmed & Edited by: Brandon Schrichten

8. A Sunday Kind Of Love

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10. ///No Invite .001

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///No Invite: A Sunday Kind of Love A man's true love after a one night stand. Directed By: Mark Mizusawa @misosoupsawa Cinematography: Mark Mizusawa Cast: Michael Stone @datfaka | Alice Hiraga @rudegirrl Assistants: Nick Kurosawa | Casey Mark @forthekidd Graphics: Pete Ulatan @peteulatan | John Blewitt @johnrulesurmom Music: Etta James- A Sunday Kind of Love Gear: Canon T2i, Iphone 5s, GoPro Hero 3 Thisisrndr.com Ulatan.com

11. Sunday Kind Of Love

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  • By Tony Reed

Georgette Fry - "Sunday Kind Of Love" A Tribute to Etta featuring Shout Sister Regent Theatre, Picton, June 8 2013

12. SOLIDSTEEL devon lampman

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  • By Clint

devon is out of fucking hand he has ruined more furniture at my apartment than my cat, drinks all my beer everytime he is over, and every sunday gets balled up because of the blower. oh and i don't think a part has changed on his bike the whole time filming for the video(except the color). his love gun is now fully cocked. devon is one of a kind, got to love him

13. RNB Superstar Mario performing live at Alumbra

Alumbra and Sunday Soul Sessions were proud to host RNB superstar Mario performing his first ever Melbourne club show. With a decade of chart topping hits including 'Kryptonite', 'Let Me Love You', 'Crazy Kind of Love' and 'Stuttering', this was a show for all the true RNB lovers. The video was created by Jamie Perkins from TMC Media

14. The Do-Over | Los Angeles

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For the 9th year in a row, The Do-Over kicks off the summer season in Los Angeles with an inevitable set of stellar DJ's, drink specials, happy humans, and plenty of high fives. Although the DJ's aren't announced ahead of time, The Do-Over never cease to amaze us with their ability to bring in the dopest turntable specialists on the planet. If you have never been we suggest you get there plenty early as the line builds quick. If you are a regular, see you on Sunday. This year, The Do-Over starts up on May 19th at LURE in Hollywood and continues on every Sunday through August. RSVP at http://www.thedoover.net/la13 for entry. Featured Music
 Artist: Etta James 
Track: Sunday Kind of Love https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-sunday-kind-of-love/id64705?i=64676&uo=4https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-sunday-kind-of-love/id64705?i=64676&uo=4 see more videos and fun content at www.thevideomouse.com

15. Sunday River Video of the Week - January 15, 2014

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  • By Sunday River

There is no denying it—the women of Sunday River they, well, crave a different kind of buzz. Whether it's ripping up the trees in Oz, carving through the Norther Light's corduroy or showing off their skills in T72, Sunday River girls live it and love it. Keep up with them if you can!

16. A Day Off In LA

A voyeuristic look into a lazy day feat. "A Sunday Kind of Love" by Beth Rowley

17. LILLI PASSERO-Sunday Kind of Love

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18. NFL Redzone - Sunday Kind Of Love

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  • By Jingle Punks

19. Kings Car Control Clinic

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  • Duration: 232
  • By Struan Wallace

Kings car Control Clinic DRIFT SCHOOL! Lessons every sunday. Choose from 5 different drift cars. 3xcefiro's, 1xskyfiro (skyline/cefiro ute), or a toyota Levin. You can get in touch by contacting +63 918 907 4123 or by email: sshhh12@gmail.com Music is by Free Form 'Back to School' Made by WRECKLESS Inc. I personally, love this place. I try to go every weekend. Rent out one of the cars and learn to drift if you're a beginner, or if you have your own car you can just pay to use the track. The surface is kind of like a parking lot, so it's a bit slipperier which means if more forgiving on your tires. A pair of tires can sometimes last a few weekend sessions. There is even a mechanic at the track, so if need be you can even pay to have him fix your car if something happens. Best part is, everyone there is extremely friendly . Spectators are more than welcome too. If you wanna get your drift fix every week, this is the place !

20. SUN

a handmade aesthetic & sad girl gang production: S U N featuring Lukas Malkowski Filmed by Francesca Chudnoff Edit and Direction by Francesca Chudnoff "A Sunday Kind of Love" by Etta James