Africa Relient K

3. Nuisance (feat. Matt Thiessen of Relient K) Lyrics

So, here we are in the same old spot Knowing something needs to happen But our mouths are locked Tongue-tied, closed tight, sealed shut, yup I tried hard but it just wouldn't come up It's on the tip

4. Cojack Lyrics

RELIENT K Miscellaneous Cojack Once apon a time I dreamt that you were mine. But I never expected that dream to come true. And now you're in my arms, and we're walking to your home. And all I can thin

5. When You're Around Lyrics

Like a child having nightmares I will run all ready to Your arms I'll give You all of my cares And this world will do me no more harm When You're around (When You're around) When You're around (When

6. Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Lyrics

Relient K The Bird And The Bee Sides Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Five iron frenzy They were good, They were good, They were really really really good Five iron frenzy And when you see them W

7. satie hawkins dance Lyrics

relient k Miscellaneous satie hawkins dance all the girls in the bathroom talkin who they gonna take to the satie hakins my ears are burnin' but i keep on walkin' with a smile on my face and my ai

8. Im getting into you Lyrics

Relient k Miscellaneous Im getting into you When I made up my mind And my heart along with that To live not for myself But yet for God Somebody said Do you know what you are getting yourself into

9. Foward Motion Lyrics

Relient K Miscellaneous Foward Motion whoa-o...i've been banging my head against the wall whoa-o...for so long it seems i knocked it down, yeah it got knocked down whoa-o...and the heating bill went

10. The Pirates Who Don't Anything Lyrics

Relient K Miscellaneous The Pirates Who Don't Anything we are the pirates who don't do anything we just stay at home, and lie around and if you ask us, to do anything we'll just tel

11. Softer to Me Lyrics

Where am I? Where are you? There's so much time so little to do We're busy doing nothing 'Cause it's vanity we prize You can't see nothing 'cause you can't see through your eyes They're covered with

12. Charles in Charge Lyrics

New boy in the neighborhood Lives down stairs and it's understood He's there just to take good care of me, like he's one of the family Charles in charge of our days and our nights Charles in charge o

13. Staples Lyrics

'Cause it hasn't been that long since you almost hit the tree 'Cause it hasn't been that long since you hit the pole because of speed Do you remember the ambulance, it took you there? Do you remember

14. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Lyrics

We are the pirates we don't do anything We just stay at home and lie around And if you ask us to do anything We'll just tell you, we don't do anything Well I've never been to Greenland, and I've neve

15. A Penny Loafer Saved Is A Penny Lyrics

Relient K The Bird And The Bee Sides A Penny Loafer Saved Is A Penny Well Brian and me well We both agree that That penny loafers are absurd Cause I dont know why on earth You would take yout two

16. Jefferson Aeroplane Lyrics

Relient K The Bird And The Bee Sides Jefferson Aeroplane If it hurts, kiss it better You wear skirts, I write nice letters Never said nothing with flowers Though we always talked for hours And it

17. The Scene And Herd Lyrics

Relient K The Bird And The Bee Sides The Scene And Herd So here it is, it's just me. A different drummer, but the same old thing. It seems like everything is gonna be just fine. 'cuz I'm having a g

18. Maintain Conciousness Lyrics

Relient K Mmmhmm Maintain Conciousness Our concentration it contains a deadly flaw our conversations change from words to blah blah blah we took perscription drugs, but look how much good that did

19. In Love With The 80's Lyrics

Relient K Two Lefts Don't Make a Right But Three Do In Love With The 80's So it was Jeremy in 1983 in his ocean pacific tee who got a bloody knee on a skateboard in the half pipe in the backyard th

20. William Lyrics

RELIENT K Miscellaneous William My life's been torn apart, stripped down and going nowhere. I don't know where to start, and where to go from there. It gets tough to follow you where I get scared. Tha

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