1. "Where It's At" By Beck Lyrics

There's a destination a little up the road From the habitations and the towns we know A place we saw the lights turn low The jig-saw jazz and the get-fresh flow Pulling out jives and jamboree handout

3. What This World Is Coming To (feat. Beck) Lyrics

Someone sucked the life out of the room When that someone said goodbye much too soon I'd hate for you to love me 'cause you saw me out With someone who you read about in the news But I guess that's w

4. Damn Good Life [with Lars Beck] Lyrics

(Stevyn): Laying in a deckchair, feeling the sunshine, Sipping Margaritas all day Having a good life, got you by my side, Summer should never end Sharing the same bed, spending these nights Having sex

5. Tell Her You Belong To Me (feat. Jeff Beck) Lyrics

Tell her you're mine That you have been blind Tell her it's over And you belong to me Tell me to come And like hell I will run Back into your arms 'Cause you belong to me There's a river on my skin T

6. Dirty, Dirty Lyrics

Dirty dirty nights Underneath the flashing lights Crawling on the basement floor I can't see you anymore What you do, you do for me Don't forget I'm on my knees Make you feel what isn't real You don't

7. Zatyricon Lyrics

Hello, can I help you? Yeah, do you do fat grafting? Yes. Oh great. I had a tail put on by Dr. Gordon. OK. And I want to have some fat grafted onto it. I want to thick it up. You have some fat where?

8. Twig Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous Twig (beck speaking:) [ya know how it is It's like, my lady's gone, y'know... I just let my twig fly in the wind You know it's like the branch broken It's like, i let my twig f

9. The Vagabond Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous The Vagabond (with air) Golden waves in all directions, I could lose my soul right here Colour lights on the runway makes a stranger feel unchained I'm running after time & I m

10. Heartland Feeling Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous Heartland Feeling [female voice: i'm totally fucked up. i can barely speak. i'm totally fucked up. They gave me so many drugs. but, uh...i'm gonna be here... [beck speaks]alri

11. No Money, No Honey (version 02) Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous No Money, No Honey (version 02) No money, no honey No money, no honey No money, no honey No money, no honey No money, no honey No money, no honey No money No money No money,

12. Let's Go Moon Some Cars Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous Let's Go Moon Some Cars (play us a tune on an unbroken spinet and let the bells ring, Let the bells ring. play music now! play us a tune on an Unbroken spinet. do not strike music

13. Got No Mind (version 2) Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous Got No Mind (version 2) Tonight the city is full of....radios And all the distortion pedals are melted There's sonic youth posters nailed up onto the...ceiling And the roof is fa

14. Flavor (remix) Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous Flavor (remix) Flavor Got the flavor Got the flavor Feel so good about a piece of trash, the birds are drunk, they're drinking from a glass White lightning and an ol' fruit cup

15. E-Pro Lyrics

Beck Guero E-Pro See me comin' to town with my soul Scrape down at the bump of my fingers Holdin' over the devil I know All my troubles just hang on your trigger Take your eyes and ?? to the road

16. Rollins Power Sauce Lyrics

Beck Stereopathetic Soulmanure Rollins Power Sauce [slowed down:] Ummm...My throat muscles are completely shredded You tell no one 'bout Barney leaning on you dirty pictures False faces

17. Boney Fingers Out The Slimey Coffin Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous Boney Fingers Out The Slimey Coffin ???? ???? Throw your inspiration in your station wagon ?????????????intestine

18. Hidden song Lyrics

Beck Mutations Hidden song [not sure of the lyrics 4 that one... anyway] Looking back at some dead world that looked so new Abysses and fountains that they named for you Dazzled wits and accid

19. Whimsical Actress Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous Whimsical Actress At the theater, i did meet her And the show was whimsical and sublime I'm in tatters, nothing matters Til i grasp a big disaster like a mime She's got the sq

20. Unknown 2 Lyrics

Beck Miscellaneous Unknown 2 Well if it ain't your time to go Then you'd better stay put for now Cuz everybody's gotta do their time until it's time And if it ain't broken, then break it And say y