Lie To Me

1. Tom Waits - "Lie To Me" video

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  • Duration: 131
  • By Anti Records

Official video for "Lie To Me"


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  • By See more videos: See more videos: Spanish Version: Portuguese Version: Words by Sh’maya / ANIMATORS Josh Studebaker / Anthony Madlangbayan / Jay Kee / Blake Fawley / Wes Kandel / Eric Demeusy / Dan Stevers / Paul Slemmer / Handel Eugene / David Stanfield / Ronald Rabideau / Matthew Borrett / MUSIC / SOUND Music / Ryan Taubert / Sound Design & Mix / Jon Wang / WEB DESIGN Graham Paulsen / Join the conversation #YHWHproject YHWH I am the might before the sword The tremors in the spear shaft I craft my ways from blazes of firestorms Absorb the failings of deadened ends To render the floors I dance upon I am the spaces between applause The roars of hearts running through Heaven’s halls I breathe the forms of light and silence Stall the course of cosmic riots I am the glory of the giants Manaslu / Sagarmatha Watchmen of the Asian plains They yield my name Made famous through the cries Of albatross flocks enflamed in Pacific fires I am dressed in the spray of Nevada dunes Clothed in the shadows of Sahara caves I am the light of lunar flames fleshing the rains of Amazonia I paint the trains of Antarctic quests Release dominion to desert Panthera I authorise the remains of Aztec and Inca That bloom through the visions of mountain tribes I ride the skylines breathe the signs Ignite the paths of astronomy’s eyes I am the unheard heard in the storms that burn on my words I am the yearned for I am the Word I emerge deciduous from the wetlands of your cries Rise through the moments you wake I bring the dawns that shake the fevers from your remembrance I am here I am imminent I am he who crosses the plains through which you strayed Discover the parts extinction seared I dust away the dried remains of tears I drain the lakes of your regrets I wet the wells till the soil Placate the toil quell the rages Sew the broken pages With my belief in you I bring the you you have never quite met I am the desire that keeps your pillow wet I am the heartbeat you seek when you chase after dreams In the reachings and sighs you are looking for me In the body touching body It is me you seek In the groans and the longings It is me you seek In the yearning dream In the need-to-be-seen In the love-me love-me It is me you seek In the breath-drop wonders In the gasping hunger In the touch of a stranger That makes you feel younger In the books and the fables In the this-is-me labels In the is-this-me? Is this me? In the hear-me hear-me Say-my-name In the touch-me need-me find-me need-me In the aching pain In the love In the music In the beats And the taste In the heat In the need And the need For embrace In the colour In the gaze In the meaning The desire In the flame Of the voice And the spirit Of the fire When you cry for more my name you weep I am he who waits for you to reach I reach for you and wait When you lie half broken and awake I am the watchman of your sleep I wait and wait til the shakings cease I am the Truth they call release When the darkness flares and starts to speak I sculpt the shades of daybreak It is me you seek​

3. This is not a time to lie

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  • Duration: 210
  • By RAY

This is not a time to lie Animation: Lei Lei Music: Li Xingyu Rapper: J-fever Running time: 3min 30s I’m scared, I don’t dare look ahead This isn’t a time to lie (Mountains and water, characters and objects in the film are all made with old book cover) Dialogue list: I’m scared, I don’t dare look ahead This isn’t a time to lie I wouldn’t dare close my eyes, if I could At this moment in time my whole body is listening. Please forgive me. Please don’t hang up the phone. Hold the rope tight and string us together Relax a bit, buddy, I’m talking to myself I can hear water. Are you grinding your teeth? I’ll write you a letter. I’m harnessing in My lips are torn and the hawks are eyeing me We might as well do it now. life dangles by a thread of time If the next flight is successful, seize the sky I want to dance, I’m suddenly happy I can feel my whole body shaking I’m not scared at all, I’ve become a dot I’ve become a button on a shirt, living there eternally I’m scared, I don’t dare look ahead This isn’t a time to lie I wouldn’t dare close my eyes, if I could At this moment in time my whole body is listening. Yesterday morning I decided to put on my shoes A minute ago I looked up and it became truthful Everything’s safe, serene as a rain shower My heart’s in my mouth, how can I say I love you I need a comb to put under the sole of my shoe I need a sole to separate myself from the world A village, a café, some beer, and a fish Get a suitcase, lock it up, and put it here I’ll leave every comma there That’s a road, the rhythm is in my back pocket I’ll write you a letter This is a time to lie

4. Life is a Dance

Making of Online: A DANCE BY THE SAXONZ - - A FILM BY SEBASTIAN LINDA - Supported by So geht Sächsisch - "With your heartbeat the rythm of your life begins. It's an endless playing song. But they tell you not to listen. They tell you to ignore. But now you know their promises were a lie. You rise up to move and dance to the sky." Life is a Dance Making of Fotos, free to use, please name fotographer: SOUNDDESIGN BONY STOEV - Making of Sounddesign DRONE&ASSISTANCE STEFFEN KRONES STILL PHOTOGRAPHY ERIK GROSS - TECHNICAL SUPPORT DJI - GLOBE FLIGHT - ATOMOS Zero Gravity TONY ANDERSON Only Human - Instrumental PARADE OF LIGHTS SHE CHAD LAWSON Licensed over MUSICBED VOICE ED WARD Shot on RONIN M - DJI ATOMOS SHOGUN 4k A7s - 14mm Samyang 2,8 Sony FS7 Thanks to Frank Wend - Bernhard Albrecht - Bergsichten Festival - So geht sächsisch - Carsten Beier - Frank Meutzner - DJI - Globe Flight - Anselm Dötterl - Sophia Linda - ATOMOS - Tony Trent - Tess Reddy -Festpielhaus Hellerau - Frank Sauer - Michael Lippold - Thorsten Kutschke - Voice Bunny - Ed Ward - Saskia Rudolph - Jacob Cowdin - Falk & Kai - Kletterschule Lilienstein Ottomühle - Heike Bittner - Semperoper Dresden - Uli Kretzschmar - Schlösserland Sachsen - Team der Vineta -Störmthaler See - Yendize Dresden - Mario Roth - Battle of the Year - Europastadt Görlitz - Stadt Kromlau - Besucherbergwerk Freiberg - Stadt Chemnitz - Panometer Leipzig - Nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz - Völkerschlachtdenkmal Leipzig - Stadt Leipzig - Simpley Saxony - FÜR EIN WELTOFFENES DRESDEN - HERZ STATT HETZE - - Locations in Order of Appearance BATTLE OF THE YEAR - HANNOVER Abandoned House- LEIPZIG Turm auf der Bistumshöhe - LEIPZIG Hellerau Festspielhaus - DRESDEN Babisnauer Pappel - BABISNAU Mathematisch Pyhsikalischer Salon - DRESDEN Yenidze Dresden - 1001 Märchen für Große und Kleine im ganzen Jahr- Altstadtbrücke - Görlitz Zwinger - Dresden BRN ( Bunte Republik Neustadt) - Dresden Neustadt Bergbau-Technik-Park im Leipziger Neuseenland Albrechtsburg - Meissen Altstadt - Görlitz Elbwiesen - Dresden Trainingsraum - Festspielhaus Hellerau Karl Marx Monument - Chemnitz Semperoper - Dresden Hauptbahnhof - Dresden Kuhwiese - Rathen VINETA auf dem Störmthaler See - Leipzig Kaiser Wilhelm Feste - Bielatal Brunnen - Dresden Neustadt Nonne - Rathen Feuerwerk Schlössernacht - Dresden Brühlsche Terrasse - Dresden Rakotzbrücke - Kromlau Frauenkirche - Dresden Blaues Wunder - Dresden Völkerschlachtdenkmal - Leipzig Besucherbergwerk - Freiberg Arena am Panometer - Leipzig Bergkirche - Beucha Kleiner Winterberg - ZSCHAND Herkulessäulen - Bielatal

5. no answer | lie to me | cal/gillian

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  • Duration: 229
  • By katdepp

I know i'm late for the party because this brilliant show is long canceled (dammit, fox) but i just finished it and it was an amazing week and a half. Amazing! Loved everything about it (except for the cancelation part). So here's a shippy vid for you because it's almost summer and i feel like it. Song - Civil twilight - letters from the sky DISCLAIMER: I OWN NEITHER CLIPS NOR SONGS I USE IN MY VIDS. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED. ALL MY VIDS ARE FOR FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT ONLY

6. Ruby Throat- Lie To me - Clip

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  • Duration: 256
  • By alice morelli

Lie to me


  • Published: 2012-11-11T07:26:17+00:00
  • Duration: 31
  • By Julio Cabral

This shoot spot was one of many on-air promos that launched season 1 of the hit procedural drama LIE TO ME. This spot was Directed, Written and Produced by Julio Cabral. (Winner of Promax Gold & Special Judges Selection)

8. Lie to Me

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  • Duration: 168
  • By Karen Souza

Lie to Me

9. Max Cooper & Tom Hodge - Symmetry

Symmetry, from the Emergence LP: Max Cooper Symmetry is one of the most fundamental principles of nature, and also forms the basis of music. So this music video is an important early chapter in the Emergence audio-visual project, which starts with visualisations of the basic building blocks of nature, setting the stage for the physical universe to come into being, and later planets, life, civilisation, and technology (the whole story and project is explained at: Symmetry is the idea that one aspect of a system can change while another remains constant. The idea of natural laws themselves, rely on the forms of symmetry that mean the same forces will apply to you as they do to me, independently of our position in space or time. And scientists searches for natures symmetries lie at the heart of much of our best models of reality (see Noether's Theorem or more recent uses of symmetries in things like the 'amplituhedron'!). The principle is also responsible for music, in that our enjoyment of tonality, melody, harmony and rhythm comes from our subconscious appreciation of different types of patterns (i.e. symmetries) in sound waves. The idea of Symmetry was explored in the video by Kevin McGloughlin, using simple symmetrical forms (primarily the circle), and symmetrical operations applied to them - rotations, translations and reflections. The animation demonstrates the beauty of this simple concept when applied in an iterative journey towards ever increasing complexity, both visually and musically. The audio track originally came from preparations for a live piano and electronics show with Tom Hodge. I had some chords and glitches we were playing with in combination with a simple piano motif. We decided to try some live Fender Rhodes with it during practice and it all came to life. Luckily we recorded the whole session so I had a load of stock content to play with when it came to turning the project into the album intro. My reasoning was that the intro should be about symmetry because of it's basic role in nature, and the development and form of the track, going so glitchy from a simple melodic motif starting point, should work with applications of ever more complex symmetrical manipulation - emergence from symmetry, just as Kevin delivered. Amazingly, Kevin didn't use automated sync points from the stems of the audio project - or to put it another way, Kevin painstakingly set up all of those edits by hand, hats off to him for his perseverance on that! Thanks for having a read, watch and a listen! - max ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I first heard Symmetry I was blown away by its impact and it really struck a chord with me... On hearing the concept for the track, this feeling was empowered tenfold. After much discussion with Max, we arrived at a conclusive concept for the visual. I represented conservation laws by the use of a simple circle repetition. This circle form took on many new characteristics and evolved in complexity throughout the course of it's journey, though every new form is an evolution / adaptation of the initial circle. I used a variety of techniques in an attempt to convey the idea of this ever evolving complexity within symmetry. Starting with minimal moire patterns, moving into 3d depth and finally ending up with massive distortions and adaptations using a technique I developed 'Digi-Cut', displaying various moments in time offset by tiny fractions. This was an effort to demonstrate pre-universe ideas and the introduction of organic matter in relation to symmetry. It was an absolute honour to work on this project with Max, in particular on 'Symmetry', which is my personal favourite piece on Emergence. Kevin McGloughlin (brand new insta) Follow Max Cooper

10. Tom Waits - "Lie to Me"

Danny Clinch, director Anti-Records, 2006


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  • Duration: 243
  • By Southern Souls

Video by Mitch Fillion

12. lie to me -faces

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  • Duration: 30
  • By FOX

13. Tom Waits- Lie to me Baby

  • Published: 2010-01-19T03:12:25+00:00
  • Duration: 129
  • By Taganyahu Swao

Danny Clinch directed this video and took the pictures that I then put into a sequence and animated and cut like what you see when you watch it. The funnest part of this project was manipulating the motion just through photos.


  • Published: 2012-11-11T07:28:56+00:00
  • Duration: 46
  • By Julio Cabral

This shoot spot was one of many on-air promos that launched season 1 of the hit procedural drama LIE TO ME. This spot was Creative Directed and Produced by Julio Cabral. (Winner of Promax Gold)

15. Korean Drama "Lie to Me" Opening

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  • Duration: 48
  • By Inster

16. Lie to me.

"Lie to Me" - Devics

17. Lie To Me

DP: Jonathan Klepfer Crane: Tyler Roth Edited By: Jonathan Klepfer Starring: Alex Dubois Additional Camera work: Tyler Roth Key Grip: Kennedy Collier Special thanks: Ryan Koenigsman Camera: Canon 60d Edited on Final Cut Pro 7 Music By Heiruspecs

18. BRAT - don't lie to me

MUSIC: BRAT - don't lie to me VIDEO: Charlie Vigorous link:

19. Ed Sheeran - Small Bump [Official Video]

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  • Duration: 247
  • By Ed Sheeran

Get Ed's debut album '+' on iTunes: Get Ed's One Take EP for free by signing up at Follow Ed on: 'Small Bump' Lyrics You're just a small bump unborn in four months you're brought to life You might be left with my hair but you'll have your mother's eyes I'll hold your body in my hands, be as gentle as I can But for now you're a scan of my unmade plans A small bump in four months you brought to life And I'll whisper quietly and give you nothing but truth If you're not inside me, I'll put my future in you You are my one and only And you can wrap your fingers round my thumb And hold me tight You are my one and only You can wrap your fingers round my thumb And hold me tight And you'll be alright You're just a small bump, I know you'll grow into your skin With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin Fingernails the size of a half grain of rice And eyelids closed to be soon open wide A small bump, in four months you'll open your eyes And I'll hold you tightly and tell you nothing but truth If you're not inside me, I'll put my future in you You are my one and only And you can wrap your fingers round my thumb And hold me tight You are my one and only And you can wrap your fingers round my thumb And hold me tight And you'll be alright Then you can lie with me, with your tiny feet When you're half asleep I'll leave you be Right in front of me, for a couple weeks So I can keep you safe 'Cos you are my one and only You can wrap your fingers round my thumb And hold me tight You are my one and only You can wrap your fingers round my thumb And hold me tight And you'll be alright 'Cos you were just a small bump unborn for four months, then torn from life Maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why.

20. The Great Dictators "Lie To Me"

Music video for The Great Dictators " Lie To Me"

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