1. I'm Not a Patriot but... Lyrics

Far away in Central America Young men and women fight to make their country free To kick out a foreign army The enemies of freedom What will you say when someone asks you "Whose side are you on?" In y

2. Comrade Era Lyrics

Come right now Come right now and forever Citizen You're not the only one Come right now Come right now and forever

3. You're Alive Lyrics

We brought you poppy fields But we brought you money too So selfish you're evil Her desire thrown aside You're alive You're alive Riots strike revolt Tell me why, why? Hold me, kiss me Never leave m

4. Keep an Open Mind or Else Lyrics

Oh come along now It's not quite like you say With my last breath I'll fight for your right to disagree But I don't believe It's as simple as you say No I don't believe In our arguing myself Now wel

5. The Enemy Is at Home (For the Fat Lady) Lyrics

In the fighting My life ended The queen isn't here to state any flaws that make me resigned to it My heart's not beating This land's not our land One year ago Everyone from the rest of the world's wa

6. The Well of Loneliness Lyrics

You sit still inside a well where you wish all will be well You're silently dreaming what no tongue can ever tell This is the well of loneliness, oh, this is the well of loneliness And oh, of broken p

7. This Nelson Rockefeller Lyrics

You have been so good to me always But it's a dirty world out there The whole world knows it's so out there But do I really have to let you down? Golden rings on his fingers And golden bells in his h

8. From the Damned Lyrics

Going down down again Every day the same again Every day dragged through the gates The damned in the rain In the rain the offices Every day the same again Every day dragged through the gates The damn

9. Charles Windsor Lyrics

Charles Windsor, who's at the door At such an hour, who's at the door In the back of an old green Cortina You're on your way to the guillotine Here the rabble comes The kind you hoped were dead They'

10. Something Wrong Somewhere Lyrics

Saw into my sorry state There was something wrong somewhere Spoke to me when it was late Now I can't show my face anywhere Something wrong Something wrong somewhere Something wrong Something wrong so

11. The Myth of the North-South Divide Lyrics

And close the day to think about something We dance to the melody of the times We count out feelings by Big Ben's chimes For here, no one is poor All of us are rich We have all lined up on the same s

12. Frans Hals Lyrics

They calculate how much it takes to starve a rat And send it out to me Sleeping in the trash Begrudging everything They're keen to deal with me So yesterday I This land informs me These are better da

13. We Are All Bourgeois Now Lyrics

There's something wrong somewhere here So through unclean streets I made my way With holes in my shoes And my children asleep at my feet I paid my way In every town on the way The people looked grey

14. Kill Kill Kill Kill Lyrics

Kill them Injure them Rip out their hearts Tear out their tongues Hurt them I want to Fight them Those people Tear their flesh to bits Rip them to pieces With my fingernails They could reveal Those p

15. Antinature Lyrics

Antinature From the future We sing Go to the Highlands And put a bomb underneath a mountain Sweet little creatures Eat, sleep, shit the day away I won't be at the mercy of myself In every country A

16. The Fall Lyrics

My mother, the Red Arrow fly Nosedives towards me London is falling down London is falling down Shining new pylons descend to the earth As I walk towards them skyscrapers crash down to the ground L

17. The Funeral Lyrics

Mother they were lowering slowly into her grave And the good priest was speaking on the happiness above Here below where man was made to work and weep (work and weep) We all must walk through evil lan

18. An M.P. Speaks Lyrics

Sweet little schoolgirl smile Your golden arms beckon me on Lips seem to speak, seem to lead me Beautiful one Your burning tongue For you that I do these things For you that I do these things Shield

19. Goodbye Babe Lyrics

Mccarthy Jimmy Miscellaneous Goodbye Babe Goodbye Babe - Jimmy McCarthy I From the corner of my eye I see a tear rolling down, At the time I couldn't tell whose tear it was, If it was mine I s

20. Mystic Lipstick Lyrics

Mccarthy Jimmy Miscellaneous Mystic Lipstick She wears mystic lipstick, she wears stones and bones, She tells myth and legend, she sings rock and roll. She wears chains of bondage, she wears wing

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