The Blues Brothers

1. "The Blues Brothers": 10 curiosità da sapere

  • Duration: 204
  • Channel: music

Ecco 10 piccole curiosità su "The Blues Brothers", un film davvero pieno di citazioni, dettagli e aneddoti... Tutto sui Blues Brothers:

3. Cab Calloway - Minnie The Moocher (Blues Brothers 1980)

  • Duration: 310
  • Channel: music

Folks, now here's the story 'bout Minnie the Moocher, She was a red-hot hootchie-cootcher, She was the roughest, toughest frail, But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale. [Call and response scat chorus differs every time. The following is simplified:] Hi-de-hi-de-hi-di-hi! Ho-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho! He-de-he-de-he-de-he! Ho-de-ho-de-ho! Now, she messed around with a bloke named Smoky, She loved him though he was cokie, He took her down to Chinatown, He showed her how to kick the gong around. Now, she had a dream about the king of Sweden, He gave her things that she was needin', He gave her a home built of gold and steel, A diamond car with a platinum wheel. Now, he gave her his townhouse and his racing horses, Each meal she ate was a dozen courses; She had a million dollars worth of nickels and dimes, And she sat around and counted them all a billion times. Poor Min, poor Min, poor Min.

4. Aretha Franklin & The Blues Brothers - Think

  • Duration: 188
  • Channel: music

Fantástica escena donde Aretha Franklin "Lady Soul" está genial en la película "The Blues Brothers" de 1980.

6. The Blues Brothers - King Bee

  • Duration: 106
  • Channel: music

The Blues Brothers - King Bee. Première chanson chantée par les Blues Brothers au Saturday Night Live en 1978. (John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd)

7. Blues Brothers Riders in the sky

  • Duration: 226
  • Channel: music

Part of the Blues Brothers 2000 film recorded in Holland, with the lyricks in the subtitles. Raw from tv (digitally recorded).

8. The jailhouse rock (blues brothers 1980)

  • Duration: 149
  • Channel: music

Clip de fin du film "the Blues Brothers"

9. LEÇON 5 : Premiers morceaux - Exercice 1 "The Blues Brothers"

  • Duration: 117
  • Channel: music

BERRIAK Éditions Cours de guitare en ligne Zik and Play

10. Dean Z & Jay Dupuis as the Blues Brothers New Daisy Theatre 2017

  • Duration: 324
  • Channel: music

Dean Z & Jay Dupuis as the Blues Brothers New Daisy Theatre 2017

11. The Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago

  • Duration: 664
  • Channel: music

Chase Scene

12. The Blues Brothers

  • Duration: 191
  • Channel: music

musique blues brothers

13. Extrait du concert "The Blues Brothers Tribute"

  • Duration: 124
  • Channel: music

Extrait du concert "The Blues Brothers Tribute"

14. Peter Gunn - The Blues Brothers - Percussions

  • Duration: 128
  • Channel: music

Premier morceau de percu du concert: Peter Gunn Theme (Peter Gunn était une série policière pour les incultes :D) On avait décidé de se fringuer comme les Blues Brothers (mais sans le costard!) donc cravate, chapeau et lunettes noires oblige! Enjoy :)

15. BB66 the legend of blues brothers i aint got you remix stud

  • Duration: 155
  • Channel: music

Blues Brothers by BB66 the legend of blues brothers. «The legend of The Blues Brothers» Une version très Rock et Rhythm & Blues du groupe mythique The Blues Brothers. i aint got you (remixé en studio)

16. BB66 the legend of blues brothers. Everybody Needs Somebody

  • Duration: 269
  • Channel: music

BB66 the legend of blues brothers. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love.

17. Ronnie Jones - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love - Soundtrack from "The Blues Brothers"

  • Duration: 199
  • Channel: music

It is your channel for all the best Soundtrack. Find your favourite soundtrack. Subscribe:

18. The Blues Brothers - Guilty

  • Duration: 170
  • Channel: music

The song 'Guilty' was written by Randy Newman and released on the album 'Good Old Boys' in 1974. One day, a man called Jake Blues decided to make this song his own, after a few altercations with state troopers, nuns and some other Good Ole Boys. After extensive touring and trashing hotel rooms, Jake vanished. Noone knows what happened to him, but does it really matter? For me, Jake remains one thing only: Guilty. Regarding copyright: I don't think this can be considered infringement, as there is no available recording on the net anywhere, plus, it's not the original version. It's just a cover song, by a blues band. A righteous, ass-kicking blues band.

19. The rues (blues) brothers - Everybody needs somebody to love

  • Duration: 193
  • Channel: music

The Rlues brothers, after no rehearsing, and only one suit for two, but nevermind, it was pretty fun. The song is everybody needs somebody to love, with the the blues brothers style. Made by

20. Aretha Franklin - Think (The Blues Brothers Version)

  • Duration: 193
  • Channel: music

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