1. U2 au Stade de France

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2. Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn.” Album Features Guest Appearances From Rihanna & U2

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Someone loves periods. Read the full story about Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, U2 and more on HipHopDX: http://hiphopdx.com/news/id.43027/title.kendrick-lamars-album-title-cover-art-tracklist-revealed Subscribe to HipHopDX on Youtube: http://bit.ly/dxsubscribe Check out more of DX here: http://www.hiphopdx.com https://twitter.com/hiphopdx https://www.facebook.com/hiphopdx http://instagram.com/hiphopdx For over 17 years, HipHopDX has been at the forefront of Hip Hop culture online, featuring over 2.7 million readers per month. As one of the longest-standing Hip Hop websites, DX not only stays current on Hip Hop culture, but continues to influence it, encourage it, and simultaneously reflect on its past. Our insightful, honest editorials, unbiased reviews, premier audio and video sections, and original video content, draws one of the most loyal followings online. Check us out at http://www.hiphopdx.com


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concert U2 à Cannes Merci à notre envoyé spécial sur place : Arnab Banerjee. Plus d'infos sur le Festival de Cannes : http://www.france24.com et aussi : http://observer.france24.com

4. U2 Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me

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U2 - Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me (Batman Forever OST)

5. U2 - If God will send his angel

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"If God Will Send His Angels" (single version) Nobody else here baby No one here to blame No one to point the finger It's just you and me and the rain It's the blind leading the blond It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs Hey if God will send his angels And if God will send a sign And if God will send his angels Would everything be alright God has got his phone off the hook, babe Would he even pick up if he could It's been a while since we saw that child Hanging 'round this neighbourhood You see his mother dealing in a doorway See Father Christmas with a begging bowl Jesus sister's eyes are a blister The High Street never looked so low It's the blind leading the blond It's the cops collecting for the cons If God will send his angels And if God will send a sign And if God will send his angels Where do we go Where do we go Jesus never let me down You know Jesus used to show me the score Then they put Jesus in show business Now it's hard to get in the door It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs But I guess it was something to go on So where is the hope and where is the faith And the love, what's that you say to me Does love light up your Christmas Tree The next minute you're blowing a fuse And the cartoon network turns into the news If God will send his angels I sure could use them here right now Well if God would send his angels And I don't have to know how Where do we go And I don't need to know why And I don't want to promise Where do we go And I don't want to lie I just know that I need to Where do we go Tonight Slowly, some night by your door You take my hand by your door

6. U2 With or Without You

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7. U2 au Stade de France

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8. U2 - Sweetest Thing

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9. U2 elevation

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Concert 2005 de U2 à chicago pour le vertigo tour. U2 vertigo tour 2005, live from chicago. ____ http://boxan42.skyrock.com/

10. U2 : notre top 5

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Difficile voire infaisable... A l'occasion des 2 concerts géants que U2 s'apprête à donner au Stade de France à Saint-Denis, nous nous sommes donnés une mission quasi-impossible : celle de définir notre top 5 des chansons du groupe mythique irlandais. On s'est lancé. Dites-nous ce que vous en pensez... Retrouvez l'info en temps réel avec Le Parisien : >> http://www.leparisien.fr/#xtor=AL-1481423430

12. U2 - Superbowl Halftime Show

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After seeing a U2 concert in New York in October, 2001, NFL officials decided U2 was the band they wanted to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XXXVI. The league had been planning a patriotic-theme for the game to pay tribute to and remember the events of September 11th. U2 played "Beautiful Day", then "MLK" which led directly into "Where the Streets Have No Name." The names of the victims of September 11th scrolled heavenward for most of MLK and Streets.

13. U2 - Every Breaking Wave - MTV EMA - 09.11.2014

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U2 Every Breaking Wave - MTV European Video Awards - 09.11.2014

14. U2 - Full Concert Surprise Brooklyn

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15. U2 - Angel Of Harlem

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16. U2 "One" guitare leçon

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Leçon de guitare pour apprendre à jouer "One" du groupe U2. - Mise en place des accords : La mineur, Ré Majeur, Fa Majeur, Sol Majeur et Do Majeur. - Mise en place de la rythmique. - Mise en pratique de la leçon sur la version originale. Bonne pratique et bonne écoute ! Merci pour votre écoute !

17. U2 With Or Without You live

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Voici les meilleurs, les U2 avec leur plus belle chanson (ma chanson ^^) "With or without you" en live à Boston en 2001.

18. U2 ~ "Miss Sarajevo" '95

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"Don't Let Them Kill Us" Directed by Maurice Linnane Written by U2 Music: The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Jr.; Lyrics: Bono "Miss Sarajevo" Single by Passengers featuring Luciano Pavarotti Released: November 1995 "Miss Sarajevo" is the only single from the 1995 album Original Soundtracks 1 by U2 and Brian Eno, under the pseudonym Passengers. Luciano Pavarotti makes a guest vocal appearance, singing the opera solo. It also appears on U2's compilation, The Best of 1990-2000, and was covered by George Michael on his album, Songs from the Last Century. While the song did not reach the Billboard Hot 100, it reached No. 6 on the UK Singles Chart and was a top-ten hit in many other European countries. Bono cites "Miss Sarajevo" as his favourite U2 song. “The camera follows the organizers through the tunnels and cellars of the city, giving a unique insight into life during a modern war, where civilians are the targets. The film captures the dark humour of the besieged Sarajevans, their stubborn refusal to be demoralised and suggests that surrealism and Dadaism are the appropriate responses to fanaticism.” - Bono. The music video for this song, directed by Maurice Linnane, is a montage of three different events: the beauty contest described in the song, the original performance from the "Pavarotti and Friends" concert, and a tour through the streets of war-torn Sarajevo, under gunfire from the nearby troops. The video is featured on The Best of 1990-2000 DVD with a director's commentary, and a documentary entitled Missing Sarajevo. Carter and Bono’s documentary collaboration reflects on the personal accounts of the civilians of Sarajevo, a city torn by modern warfare during the Siege of Sarajevo. This conflict stems from the ethnic struggle between Serb and Bosnian government forces. Once Bosnia and Herzegovina had declared their independence from Yugoslavia, the Serbs surrounded the capital, Sarajevo, as they planned to include a territory of the country as part of their new Serbian state of Republika Srpska.[6] This is the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare, lasting from April 1992 till February 1996. The population of Sarajevo was reduced to ruins, no longer having access to public transit, water, gas and electricity, depending greatly on relief agencies. By October 1992 no-fly zones were established by the UN, making it very difficult for any media cover or relief plans to be sent into the country. U2: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Jr. http://www.u2.com © 1995 Island Records UK.

19. U2 : Ne me quitte pas

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À Dublin

20. U2 - Staring at the Sun

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